Mar 2, 2021

3 min read

March Hetchr Community Update: New Website, Hetchr Beta (soon!)

We’ve been quiet for a bit, but we are back with some exciting news. We have a new website and our platform beta is releasing soon!

With our release right around the corner, we are super excited for you to try it. If you’ve been meaning to sign up, head right here. It takes 15 seconds and we just need a little information about the tools you use.

New Website

Our number one request from community members has been screenshots of our platform, so we’ve revamped our website to give you a closer look. We also added two new sections: Ideas and Roadmap.

Or you can sign up here.


This is the home base to put your feature requests, tool requests, feedback, or any sort of idea that could improve Hetchr! We are open to anything and encourage you to click the “Add idea” button and contribute your thoughts. Who knows, we might be planning some surprises for the most active contributors 😏

Feel free to add your ideas here.


Our roadmap is where you can see what’s planned for Hetchr over the next 18 months. We think it’s really important for you to be able to see where we’re headed and stay up to date on what’s next. To access the Roadmap, click on the button next to Ideas at the top left.

Once you’re on the Roadmap, you can scan to see if your tools are in the To-Do column on the left. Make sure to give your tools an upvote to get a bump in line and have us integrate them first!

Hetchr Beta

We’re happy to announce our platform beta will be releasing in the coming month! If you need a little refresher on what we’re building, you can check out our last article explaining our core building blocks, ATOMs.

To kick off our beta, we will initially support Github and GitLab. Soon after, we’ll be adding Jira and a whole suite of others. It’s important for us to onboard you based on your tools so please fill out our onboarding form. We know it’s a pain in the butt to select your tools, but it helps us bring you on at the right time and helps you get value right away 😊

We’re super excited to hear your thoughts and make Hetchr your go-to ops dashboard. We also have a few more exciting things coming up in the months, but we will give a sneak peek in our next post!

If you’d like to stay up to date with Hetchr, feel free to follow us on social media as we update our journey. We’re looking forward to the next months!


The Hetchr Team

P.S. have you heard about the new trendy word that VCs are talking about these days in the tech industry?

Most of you have heard about the unicorn trend within the startup community…well… have you heard about decacorn?

Fun fact: “Decacorn is a word used for those companies over $10 billion, while hectocorn is used for such a company valued over $100 billion.”

After searching online, we couldn’t find an emoji related to this trendy and upcoming term. We decided to create a new emoji “the decacorn” and give it away for free as a gift from Hetchr to you! Comment on the post with your email, and we will make sure to send you a decacorn ;)