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We’ve been quiet for a bit, but we are back with some exciting news. We have a and our platform beta is releasing soon!

With our release right around the corner, we are super excited for you to try it. If you’ve been meaning to sign up, head . It takes 15 seconds and we just need a little information about the tools you use.

New Website

Our number one request from community members has been screenshots of our platform, so we’ve revamped our website to give you a closer look. …

In this week’s post, we’re going to dive deeper into ATOMs: the core foundation of Hetchr . ATOMs, short for Aggregated Tech Operations Modules, are bi-directional micro-applications that allow developers to interact with key features from their software engineering tools. These modules provide real-time updates from your suite of tools (, , , , etc.) as well as the ability to make edits directly. Effectively, we are building a one-stop-shop for software engineers.

Global Overview of ATOMs

Why is it important to centralize your workspace?

When teams of developers have data across a variety of silos (in our case, tools), it makes communication difficult even for simple questions. It…

As Hetchr’s first birthday approaches next month, we can’t help but think of how our vision, mission, and product have evolved over time. We began our journey over two years ago with one central goal: improving collaboration at work. Our ideas within this broad topic have been refined over time, as we continue to test and improve our initial vision. Here’s what we’ve learned over the last year and what’s currently being developed:

Right in Front of Our Eyes

In 2019, we built a product to help software engineering managers understand their team’s performance with metrics based on their existing tools. The developers that tested our…


☝️All your favorite software engineering tools in one place. Whether remote or in-office, Hetchr helps software engineering teams get on the same page.

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